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new black keys single

how i fucking roll

how to end rape


seriously though.



i truly do.


a couple of d-bags are trying to trademark the phrase “occupy wall st.” #ows

they filed this patent so they can put the phrase on a shit load of merchandise and get rich. en route to the 1%. wish i could have thought of this first.

this shit is incredible



self-made billionaire wants to mine on the moon within 2 years?

 There’s a huge amount of titanium on the Moon, possibly as much as ten times more than on Earth and that could provide a huge boom to the possibility of future Moon mining. Well, that future may be in as little as two years from now.

Billionaire Naveen Jain, who made his fortune at Microsoft and in subsequent technology startups, suggests looking skyward — at the moon. Jain’s company, Moon Express, Inc., has already been awarded $10 million by NASA, and plans to establish a mining operation on the moon’s surface within a couple of years.

In addition to there being a shitload of titanium, there’s also a shitload of platinum, an estimated 20 times more than on Earth and then there’s helium-3, a rare isotope that is completely nonexistent on our planet, but something that many are betting on as a future deep space travel fuel.

Yup, the future is here… get ready for Moon mining.


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