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if you’re a harry potter fan, watch this trailer.

this is the trailer for a film called “When Harry Left Hogwarts”. It’s a 46 minute documentary that will be released in the 4 disc blue edition of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II which is due to be released on November 11th.

yahtzee #ows

The Greatest #OccupyWallStreet Sign Ever

new book says hitler escaped and lived out his life in argentina

read the ridiculous shit HERE

more americans than ever support legalization of marijuana

woot woooooott! halfway there!

read the whole article HERE


einstein wins again, faster than light neutrinos? fuck you.

So last month a bunch of scientists thought that they had found particles that moved faster than light, tiny little neutrinos. This therefore disproved Einstein’s work. Well they were wrong and didn’t take some shit into account. So Einstein is still right, and will continue to laugh in their stupid faces and say HA I’m a goddamn bosssssssssssss.

Now, however, a team of scientists at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands reckons it’s come up with a more plausible (and disappointing) explanation of what happened: the GPS satellites used to measure the departure and arrival times of the racing neutrinos were themselves subject to Einsteinian effects, because they were in motion relative to the experiment. This relative motion wasn’t properly taken into account, but it would have decreased the neutrinos’ apparent journey time. The Dutch scientists calculated the error and came up with the 64 nanoseconds. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s almost exactly the margin by which CERN’s neutrinos were supposed to have beaten light.

read the article HERE

preggers dont like giving birth on halloween but love doing it on valentines day.

So these charts have been blowing up the interwebs today. Apparently every year women hold in their babies on halloween so as to not have some kind of evil demon witch baby, and wait until the next day. The reverse happens on valentines day so that their kids will at least have something to be happy about on v-day when they’re alone and sad.

heres the chart for valentine’s day

the walken dead

ron artest gets pranked

how i would quit

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