Daily Archives: 10/13/2011

good point

is anybody going to see this

interesting hypothesis

big ol 2tfu


can somebody put tell me the context of that last one please?

people who dress their guinea pigs up have to be one a whole new level of lonely

women and athletics dont mix, other than competitive sandwich making.

if you dont know what movie that ^^^^^^^ is from, then you’re missing out

need those shoes

50 seems a little unnecessary

good god.

i wouldn’t even care

mother fucker. fuck him.



for the next three, i give you this warning, some would consider them all to be “too much”

too much cute

too much whore

too much ass, oh who am i kidding thats a thing a glory

these guys are good


best sign from occupy wallstreet

beard slap

zombie celebs

fixed captions on emo pictures

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