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im sick

you get no new posts because somebody out there, one of you bastards got me sick. fuck you.

marines seize 4 tons of marijuana

Mexico Marines
In Mexico, marines seized 4 fucking tons of pot from a Mexican drug cartel. Oh they also killed 11 of the cartel members

MEXICO CITY — Mexican marines say they seized more than 4 tons of marijuana, arrested 36 cartel members and killed 11 others during five days of raids through the violent border state of Tamaulipas.

Those arrested include the alleged head of the Gulf Cartel in the town of Miguel Aleman, who was captured after a gunfight in which 10 cartel members died. The marijuana was found in two locations.

Marine spokesman Jose Luis Vergara said in a press conference in Matamoros that marines also seized 251 hand grenades and 35 grenade launchers.

The Gulf Cartel was once the dominant trafficking network in the area but is now in a war with the surging Zetas cartel for control.


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