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3 new epic meal times

this is a real thing

buy it HERE

new godzilla movie

So Legendary, the production company that has been killing it on epic movies in the last decade has purchased the rights to the next godzilla movie. Apparently this is what the new monster will look like.

Our source in the know on the new look of Godzilla sent us off in the direction of Hector A. Arce, a creature/fantasy sculptor, who we’ve been told is part of the design team for Legendary’s film, primarily because this version of Godzilla is based on a sculpt he did of Godzilla quite some time ago. Legendary’s roll-out of GODZILLA concept art at Comic-Con back in 2010 was based on his design, and, even with a few tweaks here and there, I’m hearing that the final approved version of Godzilla shouldn’t look that drastically different from this.

Looks pretty cool, lets just hope they don’t cast matthew broderick

prairie dogs + roomba + smooth jazz = ?

original test footage for alice in wonderland

pokemon cartoon

cant stop with the steve jobs

steve jobs: how to live before you die.

epic playstation commercial

so 20 of playstations biggest characters walk into a bar…

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