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kobe bryant offered $600,000 a game to play in Italy

full article HERE

5 year old discovers 160 million year old fossil


christian textbook just absolutely gives up in trying to explain electricity

This is an excerpt from a fourth grade science textbook for private Christian elementary schools. As with many of the explanations in the book, it starts off asking a question like “What is electricity?”, only to give up and say “Fuck it, it’s magic from God that humans will never understand.”

Because that’s really fucking helpful, and will give kids a good handle on the sciences. I wonder how many kids that went their entire grade school lives to evangelical Christian schools ended up in college, raising their hand in a basic college level science class and answering that electricity or the moon is just some sort of God magic that no one understands. This is surely equivalent to child abuse.

Oh, and if you liked that one, check out the explanation for the moon.

todays 2TFU comes early. [insert premature ejaculation joke here]





just well played

celebrities without eyebrows=extremely creepy

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